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Computer viruses have appeared in the media recently, particularly where they have been very destructive or have spread across the world at an alarming rate, e.g. Melissa, Blaster, Lovsan, SOBIG – to name just a few.

Many viruses travel via email; they also spread via floppy disk, CD, network connections, instant messaging and web downloads. Defending your desktop computer against the virus threat is essential. This applies to the use of PCs, Macintoshes, laptops, palmtops and any other computer system.

As viruses can spread in many different ways anyone using a computer at home runs the risk of infection. This is particularly more so with the increased number of computers that are permanently connected to the internet through Broadband. Defence against computer viruses is as important at home, as it is at work.

How to Reduce the Risk of Infection by Computer Viruses

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