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Google Cloud Print allows you to print from many mobile devices using Chrome, iOS, Android and Google applications.

Note that the document will be printed using the default printer settings, i.e. A4, back to back without any special finishing, such as stapling.

You must already have a Google Email Account as the email address will be used as the secondary email address for your Papercut account, so it can authenticate to your network account each time you print.

To set up Google Cloud Printing

To begin with, click here.

Google Log-in page

Log in to your Google account to go to the Google Cloud Print web page:

Click Add Printer:

A message will indicate WC-MFD has been added.

Authenticating your Google Email Account

The first time you use this service you may receive an automatic email in your Google email account for verifying your email address:

Click the link in this email and you will be taken to the Papercut login screen:

Log in to your Papercut account using your network login and password (you do not need to use wc1/).

Your Google address will be automatically associated with your account.

Click Continue.

Close this window.

Your Google email address will now be linked to your College account.

Please follow Google’s guidance for using their Google Cloud Print service.

Note for staff users: Each time you print you will receive an email from Papercut in to your Google mailbox that you will need to action. Click the link in this email to log in to Papercut, and confirm which account your printing should be charged against. Students would not normally receive such an email and shouldn’t need to log in to Papercut at this point.

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