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Webmail & Remote Access

You can access your email and the files on your College storage drives from home using these applications.

email iconWebMail

You can login and read your College email from any Internet-connected computer by using the link above.


globe iconThis remote access facility enables external access to the College network for staff and students.  Using this facility users will be able to access their college desktop, Outlook email and most network drives.  Staff will also be able to access the Staffroom, including eProSolution and Registers.

Guidance to set up and access RemoteNet from your own computer can be found by logging in to eStudy with your network credentials and selecting ‘ZZZZ007 – RemoteNet’ in the ‘MY COURSES’ section.

NB. If you do decide to install and use RemoteNet, users are reminded that they should exit RemoteNet ONLY by clicking Log out from the Welcome Page - this properly closes down your session and releases resources for others to utilise.  Leaving by any other method is wasteful of resources and will negatively impact performance for all.

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