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Wireless AccessWireless Coverage

The College offers wireless connectivity at many locations across its various sites. The service is called Wiltscoll and is available to all staff and students.  Simply select ‘Wiltscoll’ on your device.

This service requires authentication (your College login and password) and offers access to all the College’s web based services such as eStudy, Signpost, College website etc.  You may also access the internet via this service.

Once connected to the wireless service you should be able to access internal and external web pages, Webmail and AcademicNet.

The college has coverage in all main buildings

Wifi System Reconfiguration

The Wi-Fi system has recently been reconfigured (August 2016).  Existing users who wish to connect to the revised service should complete the following steps on each of their personal devices:-

  1. FORGET the original ‘WiltsColl’ service on your device
    1. Apple – via the ‘info’ icon
    2. Android – press and hold the ‘WiltsColl’ entry
  2. CONNECT to the new ‘WiltsColl’ Wi-Fi service (as before) using your network login & password
  3. Visit http://www.wiltshire.ac.uk/cert on your device and install the certificate

Connection Help

If you need guidance with connecting your device to the new wireless network please click the relevant link below:

Wireless Printing

Information on printing for wireless users can be found here

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