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What is myWiltscoll?

is an application we have designed to allow you to configure your browsing experience whilst on our website. It allows you to set the font size, colour and face, and the background colour you use while you are accessing our site. myWiltscoll is clever enough to remember you so that whenever you return, it applies your preferences every time.

myWiltscoll is excellent for those people who need for example, a larger font size, or perhaps a greater contrast between the text and the background. Need a light colour font on a dark background? No problem. myWiltscoll can do that easily.

A brief video guide to MyWiltscoll can be found by clicking here.

How do I use myWiltscoll?

You can access the myWiltscoll system by clicking the link on the toolbar at the top left of every page at any time. A dropdown menu will appear which allows you to log in and out of myWiltscoll at any time. Logging out of myWiltscoll will remove your personalised settings until you log in again.

If you are a Wiltshire College student, then logging in to any College machine will automatically give you access to myWiltscoll. If you are an external visitor, you will need to create a login and password to be able to use this application. To do this, select 'login to myWiltscoll' from the dropdown menu, and create a login using the section provided. myWiltscoll will create a cookie on your machine to store your preferences. In keeping with our Privacy Policy we store no personal data about you in this cookie.

You can tell whether you are logged into myWiltscoll very easily. A 'keyhole' icon appears on the top left of the menubar.

'you are logged in' icon  When the icon is red, you are logged in.

'you are logged out' icon  When the icon is green, you are logged out.

Once you are logged into the system a page will appear which will offer you two choices:-

Customise your browser settings

Clear My Styles

The second option will permanently remove any customisation you have made, so be sure that that is what you want to do before using it.

Selecting 'Customise your browser settings' will bring up the following window:

browser editor

On the left-hand side of the screen, you can select a pre-defined scheme, such as a high-contrast one. Selecting a scheme and then pressing the 'save' button will immediately apply that scheme across the whole site.

Alternatively you can configure individual elements of the site by selecting the appropriate radio button, choosing your preferred colour, font or size, and pressing the 'save' button.

Most of your choices will apply sitewide, however those which have the prefix AP apply only to the Autopublisher documents found in eStudy.

You might want to experiment with styles until you have a configuration you are happy with. Remember you can return to myWiltscoll at any time to change your preferences. Just click the eye icon on the menubar.

If you need further help configuring the site, contact any of the learning support team, or speak to your tutor.

For technical support, contact Web Development on x6414.

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