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First aid box

First aid

First aid boxes are provided in all workshops, laboratories, sports halls and Receptions. Report accidents in class immediately to the class lecturer/instructor. Student Services and Reception keep a list of First Aiders. Please report all accidents to Reception, where an accident form must be completed.

To call for First Aid assistance

Contact the appropriate site reception on:

Salisbury: 4999
Chippenham: 5999
Trowbridge: 6999
Lackham: 7999

Out of hours please call:

Salisbury: 07778 678862
Chippenham: 07989 852955
Trowbridge: 07831 317580
Lackham: 07866 050247

Do not take patients to the First Aider but wait for them to arrive, undertaking necessary assistance, which you feel confident to administer.
Chippenham A room for First Aid, which may be used by students feeling unwell, is available in C block close to the Student Café.

Lackham Residential students must be registered with the local Doctor and report any illness or injury to the Accommodation Manager. A First Aid medical rest room is available for all students in the Avon Centre.

Salisbury Facilities and designated staff are available on site. Call Reception in case of emergency.

Trowbridge A medical rest room is available on the ground floor of Edington Building.

Staff responsible for students and visitors during formal sessions must complete a student/visitors accident form for any accident/incident, which occurs. Forms are available from Reception or Estates and Facilities. The completed form should be left with reception on the day of the accident. These are passed to the Health and Safety Administrator who will undertake any follow up action, RIDDOR reports or investigations as required.

Staff can access the College Accident/Incident for within InForm.

First Aid Boxes

It is the responsibility of the nominated first aiders for the college to check the first aid boxes within their area on a monthly basis. Any additional supplies can be obtained from the Safety, Health and Environment Co-ordinator at Trowbridge. All out of date supplies should be sent to the Safety, Health and Environment Co-ordinator at Trowbridge

Medical Assistance

The administration and control of medicines and prescription drugs is not a function of College First Aiders. Students requiring help and assistance with medication and/or longer-term supervision because they may be unwell/awaiting parental collection should be referred to Student Services.

Serious accidents

If there has been a more serious accident where there is a danger in moving the casualty:

Reception staff or the Site Officer will then call a College First Aider and the emergency services if appropriate.

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