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Student Handbook

Useful information for students.

Academic Support (Personal Tutors)

The academic support service focuses on academic progression, personal improvement, student welfare and enrichment. For more information click here.

Acceptable Use Policy

Click here to learn more about our ICT/ILT Acceptable Use Policy.


The Accommodation team are on hand to discuss accommodation requirements either on or off-campus. For more information click here.

Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning support (ALS) is available for any students with a learning difficulty. ALS can also provide help with planning assignments, research, essay writing, exam techniques, literacy, numeracy and for students with specific learning difficulties. Click here for more information.

Applications for Higher Education

When applying for university, it pays to start planning early.


The Student Agreement expects students to attend all timetabled classes punctually. The Late Card and Attendance Procedure outlines what happens when students fail to meet this expectation.


Wiltshire College has a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind.


Key dates for your time at College can be found here.

Campus Maps

Click your campus below to view a map:

Chippenham | Lackham | Salisbury | Trowbridge


As a student of Wiltshire College you are entitled to careers guidance and support that will help prepare you for your next step. Click here to learn more.

Changing/Leaving Course

For information related to changing or leaving your course click here.

Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure


Occasionally things go wrong and we need to hear from you in order to put them right. Click here to give us feedback.


Information on how we handle confidentiality can be found here.


The Counselling Service is available to all full-time and part-time students enrolled at Wiltshire College. The service is free and term-time only. For more information click here.

Data Protection

Wiltshire College collects information about all of its students for various administrative, academic and health and safety reasons. To learn more about this and how we comply with the Data Protection act, click here.


We feel that anyone, regardless of background, opinion or need should be able to be themselves at the College and achieve to the best of their abilities and do the things they want to do. To find out more about our commitment to Equality and Diversity, click here.


We are continually striving to improve all of our facilities for students with impairments.

Emergency Closure

The College is only very rarely closed by bad weather or any other emergency.

If you are in any doubt and you have some distance to travel, listen to your local radio station for announcements, check the website front page, be alert to email or text messages from the College or telephone Student Services (between 8:30am–9:00pm).


We are committed to minimising our negative impacts on the environment while maximising our positive impacts and promoting sustainability.


For information about exams click here.


To learn more about eStudy and e-Learning click here.

Financial Assistance

For information on financial assistance available to our students click here.

Fire Drill

Information on fire drills at all campuses can be found here.

First Aid

Information on first aid can be found here.

Food and Drink

Wiltshire College campuses have plenty of places to eat and drink, whether you're looking for a sandwich or a seven-course dinner (well, maybe three courses). The main restaurants on each campus are open to all. Click here for opening hours.

Health and Safety

Information on Health and Safety can be found here.

ID Cards

ALL students must display an ID badge at all times. For more information, click here.


All full-time FE students will participate in Induction activities during their first week at College. These will be embedded into the normal curriculum timetable.

Part-time students will receive an induction to College systems and procedures appropriate to their programme.

To learn more about Induction, click here.

Key Contacts

Wiltshire College main number:

01225 350035

Key emails:

info@wiltshire.ac.uk - for general enquiries
careers@wiltshire.ac.uk - for careers guidance enquiries
safe@wiltshire.ac.uk - for safeguarding concerns

Learning Resource Centres

Our Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) are committed to supporting all students at College on their course. Further information about our LRCs can be found here.

Lost Property

Reception at each campus looks after any lost property handed in.

We cannot take responsibility for any equipment, materials or property that you may leave at any College centre. The College carries no insurance for loss of property. You would be wise, therefore, to take out your own insurance.

Mobile Phones

To avoid annoyance, please silence mobile phones in classrooms, workshops, the LRCs, drop-in computer centres and Reception areas.

Hand-held mobile phones must not be used whilst driving on campuses and on the road.

Multi Cultural Rooms

These are designed as quiet rooms for prayer, contemplation and reflection.

Students and staff of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to use them.

Keys are available from Reception and/or Student Liaison Offices.

Part-Time Work

For some full-time students this is essential, and for many it is good experience, particularly if the work is course-related. For others the part time job takes over, becomes a serious distraction from the course, and may jeopardise a student’s chance of success.

Generally the College supports this aspect of self help, but does advise full-time students to limit their part time work to less than 16 hours a week.

Occasionally there are part-time work opportunities in the College, as Student Ambassadors, Student Wardens and Learning Mentors, to name a few. If you are interested, keep an eye on the vacancies listed on our vacancies pages.

Policies and Procedures

Information on policies and procedures can be found here.

Safeguarding/Child Protection

Safeguarding Information can be found here.


For more information on Sport and Leisure activities at Wiltshire College click here.


Information on travelling to college can be found here.

Work Experience

Many courses have work experience as ‘a requirement’ or a ‘desirable’ component. For more information about Work Experience, click here.

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