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Acceptable Use Policy

All students will need to agree to follow the College’s Acceptable Use Policy prior to using any ICT/ILT system.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The AUP sets out general rules and guidance about the use of College information systems, such as ILT equipment and services, particularly the network. Many of these are connected with our legal responsibilities. In addition, the College has its own relevant guidance and requirements (including on e-mail and Internet use, Health and Safety and the Student Code of Conduct).

It is essential to adhere to this policy. If you don’t understand any item, please find out more from a member of staff. You may like to know that the AUP also applies to staff use of information systems.

The aims of the AUP are:

There is a lot of specific guidance in the AUP itself – it is intended to help you be safe and to learn well. Please read it carefully.

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