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For full-time courses and many part-time vocational courses, assessment of your developing knowledge will take place throughout the course. This is usually done by you completing assignments set by your tutors and/or the Awarding Body responsible for your qualification. On this page we explain the importance of assignments and how we assess them.


When you start your programme, your tutor will give you a copy of your Programme Handbook. (You can also print one from the College website). The Programme Handbook explains all the arrangements for assignments, including:

It also tells you about:

When an assignment is set we will give you a cover sheet to submit with your assignment. This cover sheet will identify the assignment task and provide you with the opportunity to comment on the task, your performance and the learning resources available.

When you have completed an assignment and it has been assessed, we will give you written feedback. We will normally do this within three working weeks of the deadline. This feedback will be on a standard form (usually an assignment cover sheet).

In the feedback we will, as appropriate:

Periodically your course will hold an Assessment Board. For full-time courses this will happen twice a term. The purpose of this Board is to consider and confirm the assessment recommendations put to it by the course team and to convert them into decisions (subject to any external checks) at significant points in the course (at the end for example) and to review the academic progress of all students on the course. If the board is making decisions that concern you, you will be informed in writing of that decision.

Assessment Code of Practice

The College has an Assessment Code of Practice, which guides how we conduct assessment. These are the key features:

Policy and principles
Assessment is the measurement of students' achievement against agreed and openly stated criteria and standards.

All assessments will be carried out according to the following principles:

We will achieve thse principles by moderating all assignments and assessment decisions. This will mean that sometimes your work will be looked at by more than one assessor.

Academic Review

The academic performance of each student will be reviewed periodically by the Programme Assessment Board. We expect students to submit work by the deadlines set, attend all classes and be punctual.

If a student is not keeping up with the assessment programme then the Programme Assessment Board must set conditions to assist that student to retrieve the situation. This may mean that the student will be set conditions for the completion and submission of non-submitted or failed work, compliance with future deadlines and regular, punctual attendance. This is to be communicated to students after the Assessment Board in an Academic Review Action Plan.

Compliance with the Academic Review Action Plan will be confirmed at a later Assessment Board. If a student does not comply with the conditions set he/she may be failed by the Assessment Board and withdrawn from the course.

Full details of the Assessment Regulations, including 'what you need to know' questions and answers, are included in your Programme Handbook.

Avoiding stress

Holidays: Avoid booking holidays during term time-missing assignment or project deadlines may seriously affect your chances of succeeding on your course, and if you are an EMA student you will lose your weekly payment.

Assignment Cover Sheet

All assignments should be submitted with a cover sheet, which you can find in InForm, the College's document library, or by clicking here:

Assignment Cover Sheet

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