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bksbLIVE – initial and diagnostic assessments for English and maths

BKSBLive student instructions (please read guidance below before clicking this link)

Getting Your Student ID

To complete these assessments you will need a college ID number (student number). Anyone who has made a previous application or enrolled on a course will already have an ID. It will be quoted in your College correspondence and printed on your name badge. Staff can help you identify your student number.

If you are not yet enrolled or have not made a previous application for a full-time course, your tutor must arrange to have you set up on our system, either by the Work-Based Learning Administrator or alternatively Customer Services. You will be expected to provide some basic information about yourself, such as name, address and date of birth at this point. Once your details have been processed, you will be provided with an ID.

What you will find in bksbLIVE

How to take the bksbLIVE activities

This is a very serious activity. English and Maths are so important for your future. Do your very best to answer the questions well.

You will need paper and pen for the Maths assessments. A calculator MAY NOT be used (for selected activities, there may be an on-screen calculator).

Staff/tutors only

Guidance can be found in Staff Room under BKSB and Other Special Logins.

There are also instructions for staff that are incorporated within the induction guidance in Staff Room.

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