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Induction at Wiltshire College

Welcome to your course of study at Wiltshire College

During the first weeks of term you will participate in an induction programme made up of a number of different activities. The purpose of induction is to help you settle quickly into college life so that you can achieve your qualification and enjoy student life in the college community.

You will get to know other students and the staff at the college and have a chance to familiarise yourself with the campus and facilities. You will also discuss your chosen programme of study and the support that is available in the college to help you achieve success.

You will also meet your Personal Tutor who will be an important person for you during your time at college. Each group has a Personal Tutor and it is their job to monitor your progress and support you with your personal development. For more information about the role of the personal tutor and the tutorial programme at the college use this link.

When you have completed the induction activities you will be asked to sign the student agreement. This shows us that you are aware of what the college can provide for you and that you are aware of the how you should behave in order that you can make the most of your time at Wiltshire College and feel happy and safe during your time here.

Because you will receive a lot of information during your first weeks at college we have made sure that this is also available to you in documents.

Your student handbook gives you information about the college, help and support, keeping safe, term dates and other important information.

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