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Get the best out of your Internet search and your library research.

How do you know if the information you get from the web is reliable?

Check out these guides and websites to pick up useful skills before you start to do your research.

General searching skills

Noodle Tools - Look through these search engines to help you find the best information for your research.

Liberation Finding information on the web - Work your way through this tutorial courtesy of Northampton University to help you find information on the web and also to make the best use of the resources.

Research skills

Internet searching

Virtual Training Suite - Designed to help you improve your Internet and IT skills. Has quizzes and interactive exercises. On-line tutorials cover every Further Education subject and include a list of useful websites for each subject.

Internet Detective - An interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources

Try this interactive tutorial to improve your research skills

Tips for using Search Engines eg: Google, Bing etc

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