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The College is committed to providing a supportive Tutorial Programme for all full-time students. This programme is led and co-ordinated by the Student Services and Tutorial Managers who are located on each site.

Full-time students and some part-time students will be assigned a Personal Tutor. Full-time students will have both personal and group tutorials. These are important opportunities to support your academic progress and help you achieve your programme of study. You will also have opportunity for personal development and to discuss and prepare for progression onto another course, higher education or employment.

Your Personal Tutor is responsible for:

Your Personal Tutor should be the first person you contact if problems arise Please make sure that you establish a good working relationship with your tutor and take advantage of the support and facilities offered by the college to help and support you in your studies, personal development and progression into your chosen career.

For further information about student life and support at the college please see the student handbook.

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