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If your question isn't answered here, you can always email your questions to your relevant LRC:

Chippenham: LRC_CH@wiltshire.ac.uk
Lackham: LRC_LA@wiltshire.ac.uk
Trowbridge: LRC_TR@wiltshire.ac.uk
Salisbury: LRC_SA@wiltshire.ac.uk

The LRC hasn't got the book I need

Ask the LRC staff to help you further search the catalogue to see if another campus has it. If they do we can arrange for it to be sent to your campus. If the College doesn't have the book we can try borrow it for you from another library so please ask staff.

Do you charge fines?

Yes, fines are charged at 10p a day but you can renew by phone or email - check your campus contact details. If you have been ill or there has been a problem please talk to LRC staff who will be understanding and helpful.

How do I borrow books?

Anyone on a course at Wiltshire College can use the Learning Resources Centres for reference, but if you want to borrow from them or use a computer you will need to show your ID card. Please tell us if you change your name/address or lose your card.

What can I borrow and for how long?

You can borrow most items for 3 weeks but very popular books are limited to 7 day loan - all of which are clearly labelled. Some items cannot be borrowed, such as: reference items and current magazines. If you are a student with special educational needs please ask library staff about the possibility of being issued with books for longer loan periods.Most students may borrow 6 items for up to 3 weeks, but higher education students may borrow 8 items. You are responsible for everything issued on your card so please do not lend it, or any items you have borrowed, to anyone else, or ask someone else to borrow material for you.

Can I renew my books?

You can renew items, if they are not needed by anyone else. You can renew in person or by telephoning your site Library on the number listed above.

Where can I use a computer?

Each Learning Resource Centre has computers linked to the College network. These provide access to the library catalogue, Internet, Microsoft Office and other applications, and much more. All computers are linked to black/white and colour printers. Computers are available on a drop-in basis and you must show your ID card.

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