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What should I do?

What are the Issues?

What should I do concerning travel issues?

The Issue Wiltshire College
Driving cars contributes significantly to global warming - for more information on global warming please refer to our Green Pages on Energy, or see links at the end of these pages. It is also increasingly expensive, stressful and difficult to park. Public transport involves less environmental impacts, but often appears even more expensive, and some Wiltshire College are not well served. Travel is an issue for commuting (students and staff), travel between College sites, travel to employer sites, and occasional journeys. The College has a Travel Policy and Travel Plan, managed by the Director of Customer Services.

Your Options

Information on College travel policies, and links to public transport timetables, can be found by clicking here.

Do you need to travel?

Telephone conference calls and video conferencing can be a more effective use of your time, same costs and reduce environmental impact. For information on the tools available contact your Site Officer.

Commuting by car & One-off journeys

The Wiltshire Car Share scheme is a free service designed to match people making similar journeys. It works for one-off trips as well as regular commuting. You need to register on the website (it is free, and takes less than five minutes to complete - you must read the terms and conditions as these affect your security). You are then shown other people who you may be able to car share with (as a driver or passenger), and invited to contact them. Please note that when you look for matches, other people do not know you are looking, so you can browse and decide not to link up with anyone and nobody will be any the wiser, let alone take offence! To access the website go to www.carsharewiltshire.com.

Using College vehicles

Staff using College vehicles to travel between College sites are encouraged to register their journey with the car share website, making it clear that they are a member of the College staff. This will allow colleagues to contact them and arrange lift sharing. Staff using their own cars and claiming expenses for travel are encouraged to do the same.

Public transport

College site maps all show public transport access. Travel by train between College sites on College business, where there is a suitable service, will be honoured on expense claims (remembering that you must gain your manager's permission in advance for such travel).

Cycling and walking

These are the preferred methods for getting to College. Cycle shelters are provided at all of the main sites. Occasional events for cyclists and walkers are planned. Anybody wishing to help promote walking and cycling to College, or who has ideas for encouraging walkers and cyclists, please contact the Environmental Co-ordinator.

Driving your own car

Car parking is provided for students and staff at the main College sites; this is currently free, but there is no guarantee that spaces will be available. Could you offer somebody a lift? Log your journey on the Wiltshire car share website to find out if anybody is travelling your route.

Further Information

Contact the Environmental Co-ordinator - some video clips are available, as well as information regarding travel plans. You may also find the following websites helpful: