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What should I do?

What are the Issues?

What should I do concerning water consumption?

The Issue Wiltshire College
Water shortage is an ever- increasing problem in the UK, as well hotter climates. In fact the UK has much less water per head than Mediterranean countries like Italy or Spain. In addition pumping and treatment of water are highly energy intensive, adding to global warming.

As well as the water we use directly, consider that used to produce the products that we consume - most imported products use large amounts of water in their manufacturing, and we often buy them from areas of the world already suffering severe water stress.
We pay 114,000 per year for the water used on College premises, and this does not include the cost of bottled water for drinking water dispensers. Our water footprint taking into account the materials that we use has not yet been calculated.

Water efficiency

Teaching resources

The Environmental Co-ordinator has learning materials on water and water pollution.

Further Information

Please contact the College Environmental Co-ordinator for further advice. You may also find the following websites helpful: